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Michele Nevarez

The Momentum of Our Beliefs

I woke up this morning pondering the observation that whatever we believe and the degree to which we believe it sets into motion a momentum pulling us like an invisible string in the direction of the implications, associated actions, and mindset that go hand-in-hand with our beliefs.  Our beliefs are

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Matt Lippincott

The Summer of Resilience

“I wish I had gained this knowledge 20 years ago, it would have saved me dozens or hundreds of reactions/decisions I made that I regretted.” – Free Resilience course participant

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Michele Nevarez

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

“In the end all things will be known,” was what the fortune cookie message read.   Just before I freed my fortune from its innocuous-looking cookie shell, I had the thought, “May this message provide guidance.” Normally, I would not give much thought to the contents of a fortune

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Beyond EI

Welcome to Goleman EI

For Immediate Release MASSACHUSETTS, Oct. 10, 2019—  Goleman EI, an Emotional Intelligence (EI) coaching and training organization, announced its launch Thursday. While Goleman EI is a new entity, the organization

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