The Summer of Resilience

“I wish I had gained this knowledge 20 years ago, it would have saved me dozens or hundreds of reactions/decisions I made that I regretted.” – Free Resilience course participant

Hearing a reference to “these challenging times” for the millionth time may, at this point, trigger a well-deserved cringe for most of us. The intensity of the past 5 months has, however, also created an exceptional opportunity for the development of resilience. Prompted by Dr. Daniel Goleman’s desire to make EI insights and training more accessible, the team at Goleman EI launched two free, online resilience courses this Spring.

As of this date, a total of 23,015 participants from around the world have registered for The Power of Resilience Parts 1 and 2. Completion of each one-week course is fully online, user guided, and includes engagement with other participants. Elements of these courses have also been utilized in EI and Leadership development programs underway at four well known global organizations, all of which face complex and changing demands in the current business environment.

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Strengthening resilience is an ongoing process, which means a quick fix is not a realistic expectation. A strong start via simple techniques can, however, be achieved in a relatively short period of time, as many course participants have shared:

  • “As stated in the lesson, the end goal is to influence others and outcomes. In order to do that, I have to first cultivate a safe space.”
  • “As I work to embody (resilience), the most important question I must continually ask myself is, ‘How might I be wrong?’”
  • “The moment judgement and rigidity enter an exchange, it is no longer possible for any party to remain vulnerable—a requirement if anyone is to change.”
  • “I Have learned to use empathic concern to better identify with others”
  • “I am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that adaptability (one manifestation of resilience) requires the suspension of judgement and defensiveness.”
  • “I feel grateful to have learned the different techniques that build resilience and adaptability. I was able to express gratitude in a tough situation because I was able to see how I learned from it.”
  • “Many times when we reflect back to fights or quarrels we understand that, through small adjustments or compromises in such situations, positive relationships can be made.”

Some of the topics covered by The Power of Resilience courses include:

  • User-friendly explanation of the brain anatomy contributing to ineffective reactions.
  • Simple, ready-to-use mental focus and self-regulation exercises.
  • Insights and techniques you can use in professional and personal environments.
  • Additional, but not mandatory, content about neuroscience, EI and performance.
  • The opportunity for daily interaction with other participants from around the world.

While many of us are still struggling with isolation, these same circumstances can be conducive to the development of mental and emotional strength. For example, less in-person interaction can support a reassessment of how we perceive, and interact with others. In addition, more written communication enables a more accurate view of potential confusion and miscommunication that is more likely to arise from in-person dialog. Furthermore, being away from an office environment can provide us with space to identify unwritten rules and social pressure that may have been influencing us subconsciously. If we maximize this opportunity for self and team development, perhaps the summer of 2020 will someday be known as The Summer of Resilience.

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