Female Leadership: From Doubt to Daring

A Set of Methods for ‘Insecure Overachievers’ to Gain
More Confidence and Further Professional Growth

Presenting “Female Leadership: From Doubt to Daring” – Powered by Beyond EI

Gain Tools to Lead with Confidence

Discover new ways to address and overcome your uncertainties, transforming them into opportunities for growth. Explore twelve methods that can assist you in making tangible changes in your behavior. These techniques draw upon both widely recognized business tools and cutting-edge insights from neuroscience. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, gradually cultivating greater self-confidence, impact, accountability, fulfillment, and tranquility. 

  Topics Covered 

  • Current neuroscientific insights on action patterns and behavioural change 
  • Basic models on motivations, personality styles, inner resources 
  • Tools for self-reflection using learnings from business methods (e.g. innovation tools or agile working methods) applied to you as a person 
  • The methodology of reframing to change attitudes. 
  • Appearance and Impact: self-image vs. external image 
  • Gaining confidence and reducing doubts through planning 
  • Setting ambitious and measurable goals

This online course is especially for women in the middle to upper management level or young professionals on their way up. 

Start the online self-paced training today and go through it in your own time.  

Spend around 20 minutes per day on course content, including practical exercises, worksheets, and methods overview.  

The price for the course is US $350 per person.  

Start Your Path Towards More Self-Confidence Today

The Challenge

Many women find themselves pondering questions like, “Am I truly capable? Can I handle it? Do others perceive me as competent? Will I embarrass myself? What if I fail?” If you have ever experienced similar thoughts, you understand that they are quite common and typically fade away over time. However, what if these doubts have hindered you from: 
  • Progressing in your career 
  • Assuming greater responsibilities 
  • Asserting your true worth in terms of daily rates, salaries, and more 
  • Stepping into the spotlight and showcasing your abilities 
  • Presenting your opinions confidently and sharing your ideas 
  • Pursuing a job change or venturing into self-employment? 
Interestingly, self-doubt tends to be most prevalent among women, particularly those who are high achievers. Doubt and success are closely intertwined, and in this course, you will discover how to transform one into the other. 

What You Will Gain

Discover effective strategies to approach and even eliminate your doubts. Engage in a transformative journey that brings about noticeable changes in your behavior, employing twelve methods rooted in both renowned business tools and the latest insights from neuroscience. Embrace a newfound sense of self-confidence, increased impact, greater responsibility, heightened satisfaction, and enhanced ease in your life. Throughout this process, you will be provided with: 

  • Knowledge: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the origins of doubt and learn how to beneficially transform them in various aspects of your life, so as to increase success related to aspects such as your career, salary, and overall satisfaction. 
  • Tools for Change: Acquire practical methods and exercises that allow you to work on multiple levels—physically, emotionally, and mentally—enabling lasting transformation. 
  • Self-Confidence: Witness the gradual improvement in your confidence as you engage in each exercise, ultimately developing personalized best practices tailored to your needs. 
  • Successful Implementation: Empower yourself to choose which of the twelve methods resonate most with you, align with your aspirations, and inspire you to persistently pursue your goals.  

What you will get upon completion?

Time Commitment & Investment

Time Commitment

  • This online training is completely self-paced.
  • We suggest you spend around 20min per day on the course content.
  • The course is structured into four Modules intended to be completed within 16 Days. 


Price: US $350 

Start Your Path Towards More Self-Confidence Today

Meet Your Instructors

“As experts specializing in professional and personal transformation, we have dedicated our careers to supporting companies and leaders in navigating change. Throughout our experiences, we have encountered a recurring theme: talented women who experience doubt, which prevents them from speaking up, seizing opportunities, or moving with confidence. These doubts, however, are a natural part of being self-reflective. When doubts hinder progress, it becomes crucial to address them effectively. Our mission is rooted in empowering women to harness their full potential, attaining positions of greater responsibility and visibility. Ultimately, we aim to facilitate their overall satisfaction and sense of ease in both their personal and professional lives.” 

Sharon Fried

Sharon has worked at Booz Allen & Hamilton and Office Depot amongst other organizations. She has held roles in Management Consulting, Business Development, Executive Search and Operations. Sharon holds an MBA from INSEAD, is an Emotional Intelligence Coach, and a member of the Academy for Neuroscientific Educational Management (Akademie für neurowissenschaftliches Bidungsmanagement – AFNB). Her mission is to empower individuals and businesses to unlock their full potential. 

Cornelia Sengpiel

Cornelia has worked in various executive and consulting roles, including at Procter & Gamble and McKinsey. She holds a double German-Spanish university degree in business administration as well as a Master in Cognitive Neurosciences, AON (Academy of Neurosciences), and is certified systemic coach. As a consultant she supports executives and companies in their transformation process, focusing on sustainability, succession planning and executive search.

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