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Amid major shifts in the global workplace, organizations that survive and thrive must keep up with the pace of change. Stress, employee disengagement, and turnover cost organizations hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Consumers increasingly support businesses that share their values and boycott those that don’t. The same goes for employees. To attract, hire, and retain talent, organizations need to think about themselves differently. In addition to a core focus on the bottom line, creating a culture of purpose and engagement is now a top priority.

This mindset shift necessitates new tools and strategies, intended to address some of the critical problems facing organizations today:

  • 80% of employees with poor manager relationships are disengaged.
  • 50% of former employees left to get away from their manager.
  • 18% of US employees live with anxiety disorders.
  • Millennials believe employers are lacking in developing skills including EI.
  • EI, Leadership, and Social Influence are among the top 10 skills for the future workplace.

Emotional Intelligence holds the key.

Decade’s worth of research shows a relationship between EI and many of the most critical aspects of organizational performance. By improving the effectiveness of workplace relationships at all levels, these include leader success, global competitiveness, and diversity.

Education, experience, and IQ are core requirements for the top 20% of professionals. EI is what enables the very best in this already high-performing group to stand out.

When you partner with Beyond EI, our team takes a comprehensive look at your organization to assess the current climate of Emotional Intelligence (EI). This diagnostic process results in a customized approach, providing solutions that account for your organization’s unique goals, size, budget, and pain points.

Our Enterprise Services Include

In-Person Training

Leader-Level Coaching & Training Certification

1:1 and Group Coaching

Online Training

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EI Certification for Organizations

Online Training

We Offer Practical, Self-Paced Online Courses Designed for Meaningful Habit Change

Develop your team’s Emotional Intelligence with EI experts and global peers. Our courses bridge the gap between intellectual learning and the application of EI. Practical, hands-on exercises give teams the EI toolkit to show up at their best.

Courses can be completed from anywhere in the world, individually, as a team, or enterprise wide. Upon successful completion of the Build Your EI and Lead with EI courses, participants receive a completion badge from Credly.

We can work with your organization to deliver our existing online curriculum, and we can customize content. In either case, we can integrate facilitation by an EI Certified Coach along with remote, live meetings and/or in-person training sessions.

Our Approach

Our programs utilize frameworks of practice based on the neuroscience of perception and emotion to bring about meaningful shifts in behavior. To optimize the learning journey and help you create positive habit change, we incorporate three key components:


Practical explanations and examples of EI in the form of a short article or video.


An immediate application of what you just learned.


Daily reflection on the results of your practice, with the option to share your insights with your learning group and/or your coach.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) differentiates top performers beyond IQ and technical abilities. The Harvard Business Review calls it “a key leadership skill,” and the World Economic Forum named Emotional Intelligence as a core work-related skill, which is predicted to “be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills.” EI enables us to understand and navigate our own emotions as well as our relationships. This skill set is vital throughout our lives—whether we’re leading a team, raising a family, or simply want to make a positive impact in the world.

Our Results

Leaders who invest in Emotional Intelligence training for themselves and their organizations develop the following critical skillsets that drive positive business growth and achieve results:

  • Engaging and inspiring leadership
  • A positive, growth mindset
  • Opportunities for renewal and practices to manage stress
  • Resilience, adaptability, and agility
  • Effective listening and communication leading to conducive relationships
  • Healthy work norms and supportive work environments
  • Navigate conflict, complexity, uncertainty, and change with skill and grace

Client Testimonials

Carle Paul

EADV President 2018-2020

My LDI training helped me quickly adapt in my new role as Chair of the EADV School Committee... When COVID hit, I had to deep dive into my leadership skills to refocus the team towards e-learning, The training was a great help!

Prof Myrto Georgia Trakatelli

The sessions with the personal coaches: they are fantastic, very precise and very helpful. I feel the program really re-shapes my approach with colleagues and employees and I see positive results from the very beginning. It really works!

Prof Carmen Salavastru

 The skills and insights I gained during the programme have positively impacted all areas of my life and have created a ripple effect of effectiveness around me. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity for self-development!

Dr Sarah Walsh

Nicole Hale

Whittier Trust

Explore your true potential, and BEYOND!

Learn how to listen to your Inner Coach and place trust in your own wise counsel. Experience first-hand what it looks and feels like to embody your own capacity to be emotionally intelligent!