Ignite The Change You Want With 1:1 EI Coaching 

Emotional Intelligence (EI) coaching gives you the tools and practices needed to develop new habits. By actualizing your potential, you will accelerate your career and life trajectory, and be equipped to bring about the changes you most wish to see in your life.

Using our EI method and the 12 Self-Discoveries, our coaches are trained to help you catalyze transformational growth by helping you spot where you are stuck and how to shift the habits of mind getting in the way. 

 Over the course of 12 weeks, your coach will help you:

  • Understand the connection between your beliefs and your outcomes. 
  • Identify and transform your self-limiting beliefs. 
  • Create a mindset that helps you achieve your desired results. 

 “74% of executives and 58% of non-supervisory employees believe that EI will become a ‘must-have’ skill…many in the next 1-5 years.” — Capgemini, 2019 

Our Value: 

EI Coaching is an investment in yourself. Many of us are willing to take the time to go on vacation, but when we return—albeit more refreshed and rested—the habits that led us to burn out in the first place are still present. By investing in EI Coaching you are building the skills to create lasting habit change and show up at your best at work, at home, and in your life.

Our Methodology 

Goleman EI Coaching combines the best of what we understand about creating meaningful and lasting habit change. We combine online learning, practical application, and journaling with virtual coaching. This experience provides you with an affordable opportunity to develop EI.

 Our experiential approach to EI training has 3 key components designed to help you form new, emotionally intelligent habits over the course of the 12-week coaching engagement: 

  • Learn: Practical explanations and examples of EI, delivered as an article or video, aimed at developing your proficiency in the Foundational and Relationship Skills of EI. 
  • Practice: An immediate application of what you have learned in each lesson that provides you with tools and micro-techniques to apply to your daily life at work and at home. 
  • Reflect & Journal: Daily journaling and virtual interaction with your coach helps you understand counterproductive habits of mind and identify strategies for success. 

This practical framework is intended to develop lasting Emotional Intelligence skills that help you transform your life, relationships, career, and beyond.   

Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important? 

Proficiency in Emotional Intelligence is the single greatest differentiator in leadership today. It has been identified as a distinguishing capability for leaders in Harvard Business Review and is named as 2 of the top 10 trending skills by the World Economic Forum. Even if you aren’t familiar with the specifics of EI, you have undoubtedly experienced the difference between someone who is consistently aware of how their emotions impact others and someone who is not. 

Ready To See What a Coach Can Do For You? 

We work with a network of independent Emotional Intelligence Certified Coaches who engage with individual clients using the Goleman EI coaching methodology and tools.  If you would like to speak to a coach about the Emotional Intelligence Coaching, click here!

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