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Developing mindfulness can help you live more fully, fulfilled and effectively

We live in a time in which more and more people find it difficult to lead a meaningful and happy life. Over the years, the challenges we face have reached a dimension that we are often no longer able to cope with in our minds and souls. Many people function in the mundane, but are overwhelmed by expectations and pressures. A reflection of this development is the well-documented decline in mental health and well-being in our society.  

Most of us not only lack the understanding of how we can effectively cope with the demands and challenges in our lives, but also the tools to do so. Unfortunately, in our culture and education system, we are not taught how to best use our mind to manage our emotions, adopt the best possible mindset and most of all make the best decisions to bring the outcomes we wish.  

This course presents the missing manual for your mind that you did not learn in school. The insights and methods presented in this course will show you how you can bring your mind, body and soul into harmony in order to master your life and work tasks in a more relaxed way and with new energy. In a fun and easily manageable step by step training, you will learn to navigate the ups and downs of your life, and most of all create the life you really want.  

Whether you are new to mindfulness or have prior experience, this course will expertly guide you to embody mindfulness in your life

Mindfulness is one of the most fundamental emotional intelligence skills that will help you in all aspects of your life and work. Developing it will help you improve all aspects of emotional intelligence and unlock your full potential in life.  

This course is for anyone seriously interested in developing mindfulness, regardless of whether you: 

  • are new to mindfulness practice and want a practical and systematic introduction, 
  • have tried mindfulness but found it difficult to practice it regularly and want support to make it a habit, 
  • already have a regular practicing mindfulness practice and want to deepen it and increase your understanding of it, 
  • want to learn self-development tools to further your professional development through developing soft skills like leadership competency, communication, team work and creativity, 
  • or are already a coach, who is maybe new to EI and mindfulness, and wants to understand and experience the mindfulness aspect of emotional intelligence development, so you can better apply it not only in your life but also in your work. 

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What You Will Learn

Course topics

“The Missing manual for your mind” presents a 12-week training with daily lessons six days a week. You will: 

  • Learn about what mindfulness is and how the practice works with: 
  • short and concise texts with explanations 
  • over 50 summary charts 
  • 8 videos (5–10 minutes each) 
  • Be guided in daily meditations with: 
  • 35 different audio meditations (5-15 minutes each) 
  • Get daily assignments to integrate mindfulness into your life 
  • Deepen your understanding and experience through reflection and journaling. 

The course is divided into two 6-week long parts. 

Part 1: Mindfulness (6 weeks) 

The first part takes a unique experiential approach to introducing you to mindfulness practice. It introduces you to three important aspects that you can easily develop: 

  • Self-awareness 
  • Stable presence 
  • Open awareness 

You will: 

  • learn methods to cultivate mindfulness 
  • develop a practice habit 
  • embody mindfulness into your life 
  • discover the qualities of your mind 

As a result, you will be more present in your life and see yourself and the world more clearly. 

What you will get upon completion?

“This course brings together the understanding of several thousand-year-old meditation traditions with modern neuroscience and positive psychology. It provides the training I wish I had over 30 years ago, when my passion for meditation was ignited, and I began my journey of learning the art of mindful living.” –  Bernie Schreck 

Part 2: Self-management (6 weeks) 

The second part is about practical wisdom. It will show you how you can apply the abilities you cultivated in part one to get the best out of your mind. In particular, it will show you how you can positively influence the following three factors that create your experience: 

  • How you perceive 
  • How you make sense 
  • How you feel 

You will learn to apply the self-understanding you gain through mindfulness to: 

  • perceive yourself and the outer world with an open and non-judgmental mind 
  • stop negative self-talk from negatively affecting you 
  • let go of self-limiting beliefs 
  • develop a positive growth-oriented mindset and outlook 
  • align your life with your beliefs and values 
  • skillfully manage intense emotions 
  • respond to disturbing emotions with self-compassion 

Part two will show you how mindfulness can help you make better, wiser, and more effective decisions, so you can achieve the outcomes you wish and enjoy wellbeing, fulfillment, and happiness in your life. 

Time Commitment & Investment

Time Commitment

  • This course presents a 12-week step by step practical and experiential online training with daily lessons six days a week.  
  • You can register for the two 6-week parts separately, or right away for the full 12-weeks. 
  • The lessons require about 20-30 min per day, and you will get assignments to practice during the day for short periods which do not require scheduled time. 



  • Part 1 (6 weeks): US $350
  • Part 2 (6 weeks): US $350
  • Full Course (12 weeks): US $550

Possible add-ons: 

  • Individual course With coaching and journaling with the coach 
  • Group course with 3 or 6 live classes  

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Meet Your Instructors


“Inner development through mindfulness is my greatest passion in life. I have been very fortunate to study with some of the world’s best teachers of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. This has helped me personally tremendously in dealing with stress, healing trauma, overcoming anxiety, overcoming periods of depression, and living a successful, fulfilling and meaningful life. With my extensive training and 30+ years of expertise in teaching, I can skillfully guide you to do the same and achieve your goals.” 

Bernie Schreck, M.A. 

Founder & President of MBEID (Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Development) 
Goleman EI Certified Coach 
Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Certified Teacher 
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher 

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