• Preface
  • Introduction: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  • Chapter 1: The Evolution of Emotional Intelligence
  • Chapter 2: An Introduction to the 12 Self-Discoveries
  • Chapter 3: What We Have Influence Over
  • Chapter 4: You Are the Common Denominator
  • Chapter 5: You Don’t Have to Believe Everything You Think
  • Chapter 6: Your Focus Becomes Your Reality
  • Chapter 7: What Are You Building Evidence For?
  • Chapter 8: Happiness is a State of Mind
  • Chapter 9: Mantras, Metaphors, and Maps
  • Chapter 10: Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Habits of Mind
  • Chapter 11: Reimagining Emotional Intelligence
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author
  • Index

Beyond Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Accessing Your Full Potential

By S. Michele Nevarez

ISBN: 978-1-119-80020-0

272 pages

November 2021


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Discover the hidden inner workings of your mind so you can break unhelpful habits and set yourself on the path to achieving your full potential.

Beyond Emotional Intelligence reveals how our ingrained mental tendencies can either help or hinder us, depending on how conscious we are of their influence over our lives. Whether we seek to set and achieve our desired outcomes, improve our relationships, or live in alignment with what we value most, we need emotional intelligence (EI) to identify and overcome the mental patterns that may be keeping us stuck. In this book, you’ll embark on 12 Self-Discoveries that will help you get to know yourself, so you can stop getting in your own way. You’ll learn how, with practice, you can retrain your mind to develop new thought patterns that will serve you better as you work toward your life’s aspirations.

Each of the 12 Self-Discoveries offers unique clues and insights into who we are and why we do what we do. They function as an internal barometer for our triggers, emotional patterns, and mental habits. Ultimately, they provide a clear path to uncover and work with our habits of mind and patterns of action and reaction, giving us the possibility to exercise our own agency at key moments in our lives. Beyond Emotional Intelligence presents the 12 Self-Discoveries framework which provides you with a solid foundation from which you can begin to grow.

  • Discover how your hidden thought patterns are influencing your life and your relationships with others
  • Build Emotional Intelligence as you learn to recognize your reactions, perceptions, and value systems
  • Use the highly regarded 12 Self-Discoveries model to identify your mental roadblocks and remove them with new habits of mind
  • Learn proven methods for influencing your outcomes, de-cluttering your mind, and shift your own awareness

This book will be your guide as you embark on a rigorous process of self-discovery as you learn to embrace your inner wisdom and take control of your results.

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“Michele Nevarez has done it! Her years of study and personal experience have come together in a beautiful way to deliver Beyond Emotional Intelligence. This is a book that melds intellect with humanity and provides a framework for truly understanding mind-based habits facilitating an existence with life’s most valuable riches.”

Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and The Journal That Talks Back

This book is a conversation with one of the most informed and thoughtful minds in the emotional intelligence space right now.  Through stories, countless compelling metaphors and her conversational style Nevarez gives the reader a digestible overview of the evolution of emotional intelligence and then applies a critical lens. Using the most up-to-date science she makes a compelling case for seeing emotions as constructions of our brain rather than pre-defined repertoire triggered by external events.  Most importantly, Nevarez takes the science and applies it to our daily lives.  This book is full of strategies to increase our awareness of our actions and shift our habits to live with more intention.  So empowering!  As a coach, this book is a bank of self-awareness and self-management strategies I can share with my clients that applies to any and every obstacle they are working on.  I look forward to sharing it, quoting it, and teaching it to those looking for transformative growth.”

Matt Taylor, founder of Noble Story Group.

“Finally, a book that focuses on developing the inner landscape and habits that have profound impact on the quality of our life experience. Brilliant, insightful and actionable practices to take living to the next level through leveraging the power of your mind and the abilities you hold within to shape your everyday experience.”

– Carla Reeves, Mindset Coach and Host of the podcast, Differently

“Beyond Emotional Intelligence takes the imperative yet intellectual subject of emotional intelligence and makes it as accessible as having a conversation about your most favorite ideas. This book creates a pathway for a generation of thinkers, doers and dreamers from all walks of life to understand themselves and those around them better. To me, it is a must-read.”

– Deepak Ramola, Founder and Artistic Director of Project FUEL

“Know thyself » was thought to be one of the three aphorisms written on the forecourt of the temple of Apollo at Delphi in Ancient Greece. In her Book “Beyond Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Accessing Your Full Potential”, Michele Nevarez shares live changing maxims which have the power to increase our self-awareness and our ability to grow as human beings. As physician and teacher, I had the privilege to benefit from the mentoring and coaching expertise of Michele Nevarez. Her generosity and wisdom are infinite. The 12-self-discoveries presented in the book greatly enhance our capacity to enjoy the present moment and will benefit the relationship we develop with others. By positively influencing our emotional state, this groundbreaking book may deepen our ability to make choices in our lives that carry meaning and bring values to us and to others.”

– Carle Paul, MD, PhD, Professor of Dermatology and Venereology, Toulouse University, France

“Michele’s insightful book provides us with the spark “La Chispa” to go beyond what is currently known as Emotional Intelligence. The 12 discoveries are inspiring, informative, based on sound science and above all practical. This is the book we have been waiting for, not only to further our understanding, but to change our habits of mind and improve ourselves to the core.”

– Tony Saccardi, Emotional Intelligence Coach

“If one is struggling with making sense of what is true or what is his perception and own sabotage, if one wants to ignite his self-agency and empower himself by creating new habits and finally if one likes literary philosophical texts that have a direct and distinct personal voice as if a friend is sharing his knowledge and expertise then I invite you to read Beyond Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Accessing Your Full Potential.
Michele Nevarez has created a guide to achieving self-knowledge and if I might say mastering your mind and emotions: I felt I had a personal coach helping me face my short-sightedness in my interpretation of things and showing me the way to my hidden abilities. One thing is sure: I will be re-reading this book and consulting it nonstop as it is full of tons of helpful tips and insights applicable in all areas of my life!”

– Dr. Trakatelli Myrto Georgia, Associate Professor of Dermatology and Venerology Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, And mom of a teenage daughter…

About the Author

S. Michele Nevarez

As CEO and Chief Education Officer for Beyond EI’s Coaching and Training programs, Michele’s vision is to democratize Emotional Intelligence as a means of igniting personal and global agency.

This driving force is at the core of how the programs she has designed translate EI from theory to a powerful and practical vehicle for meaningful transformation and lasting habit change. It isn’t enough to leave our insights of Emotional Intelligence at the level of theory. We must operationalize EI in a manner that we come to know first-hand what it means to embody the wisdom of EI in our own lives.

Michele brings 25+ years of executive leadership experience working for industry leaders in healthcare, investment management, management consulting, and manufacturing. A founding member of Rangjung Yeshe Institute based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Michele has been studying Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practicing the wisdom at the core of its contemplative meditation practices for 28 years.

Michele received her B.A. in Religion from Bryn Mawr College and Master of Science degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.

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