Beyond EI’s mission is first and foremost to be an agent of world benefit.

We work with individuals, teams, and organizations to do the same.

“Michele Nevarez, CEO of Beyond EI had the honor of participating along with other experts in the field in the first UN-sponsored Emotional Intelligence Event in May of 2019, “Unlocking your Emotions to Achieve the SDGs”.

Since 2018, 22,000 people and counting have gone through our online Emotional Intelligence training programs

Since we launched our EI Coaching and Training programs:

Certified Coaches

  • 230 people from around the globe have trained to become EI Certified Coaches & Meta-Coaches

  • Many of our EICC Graduates Coach and Train for BEI's Global Portfolio of Clients
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  • 700 individuals and counting have received coaching from our EI Certified Coaches

  • BEI provides both 1:1 and group coaching to individuals and organizations
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  • Have participated in our Leader-level Coaching & Training Certification programs.

  • A client in the wealth management field selected their best talent to receive EI Leader Coaching & Training
  • The European Academy of Dermatology & Venerology (EADV) has sponsored three cohorts of Physicians from around the globe to complete Leader-Level EI Coaching & Training Certification
  • Social Benefit:

    During the pandemic we provided free access to resilience training to 25,000 + people

    We had the honor and privilege to speak at the United Nations on the topic of Unlocking the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) using the insights and wisdom of Emotional Intelligence

    Hear our CEO, S. Michele Nevarez’ talk at the United Nations:

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    Explore your true potential, and BEYOND!

    Learn how to listen to your Inner Coach and place trust in your own wise counsel. Experience first-hand what it looks and feels like to embody your own capacity to be emotionally intelligent!

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