Rooted ei Foundations Course

Cultivating Equity, Belonging, and Antiracism through Emotional Intelligence

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A Transformative Learning Journey
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What is the Rooted ei Foundations Course?

The Rooted ei Foundations Course is an interactive, live virtual course that provides a unique approach to equity, antiracism, and belonging work by rooting in the four domains of emotional intelligence (ei): self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (Goleman, 1995).

The Foundations Course will help you develop skills to advance equity and antiracism in your personal and professional lives. 

Participants will:

  • Understand the intersection of emotional intelligence and equity, belonging, and antiracism;
  • Cultivate adaptive skills and mindsets to engage through the discomfort that inevitably accompanies equity, belonging, and antiracism work;
  • Get unstuck from complacency, niceness, or empathetic distress into action-oriented kindness.

Does emotional intelligence support equity, belonging and antiracism work?

Research supports that people with strong emotional intelligence are:

  • More likely to recognize when bias is affecting their judgments;
  • Less likely to engage in stereotyping;
  • Better prepared to foster inclusive environments by recognizing and addressing bias within their teams and organizations;
  • Equipped with the tools to take proactive steps to regulate their emotions and decision-making.

Start your path to equity, belonging, and antiracism.

What’s included in the Foundations Course?

  • Four bi-weekly 3-hour virtual workshops
  • Breakout discussions and whole-group reflection
  • In-between asynchronous online content and discussions 
  • Upon completion, receive a Powered by Beyond EI Rooted ei  badge to add to your credentials and share on LinkedIn or other social media platforms 

What You Will Learn

Rooted ei Foundations Course Descriptions

Session 1: Self-Awareness

Participants engage in aspirational visioning, contemplating their ideal selves as leaders dedicated to advancing equity, belonging, and antiracism. The focus is on building self-awareness across dimensions of identity, power, and advantage to identify barriers hindering the manifestation of their ideal selves at present.

Session 2: Self-Management

Participants explore the self-management of unconscious bias and address personal triggers associated with equity, belonging, and antiracism.

What you will get upon completion?

Session 3: Social Awareness

Participants develop effective strategies to recognize and appreciate the complete humanity and diverse experiences of others. The emphasis will be on understanding the impact of structural oppression and fostering social awareness to create positive change.

Session 4: Relationship Management 

Participants practice relationship management skills through the application of nonviolent communication and listening practices. The goal is to balance solid interpersonal connections with others while challenging them to grow and leverage relationships to create change.

Asynchronous Discussion

Participants read, watch, or listen to content to develop content knowledge related to equity, belonging, and antiracism. Participants engage with each other and facilitators in online dialogue through reflection prompts.

This course carries 20 PDC credit hours and 20 ICF education credits.

Time Commitment & Investment

Time Commitment

There are two projected cohorts:

  • Cohort 1:
    • Tuesdays, Sept 17, October 1, 15, 29
      12:00PM -3:00PM ET, 9:00 AM-12:PM PT

  • Cohort 2: 
    • Wednesdays, Nov 6, 20, Dec 4, 18
      12:00PM -3:00PM ET, 9:00 AM-12:PM PT



  • The intensive costs US $2,225 per participant
  •  Register by June 15 and receive a $230 discount ($1995)
Minimum cohort enrollment of 15 participants, maximum enrollment of 25 participants.

Please contact us at, if you would like any of the following add-on packages: 

Coaching sessions support participants in integrating learning, identifying challenges, and cultivating mindsets and strategies for addressing personal obstacles hindering progress toward equity goals.

Racial affinity groups provide an essential space for openly discussing shared experiences and perspectives. These groups serve as powerful catalysts for personal and collective growth, offering opportunities for members to deepen their understanding of racial identities, systemic challenges, and historical contexts while minimizing harm. 

The IDI assesses individual and group intercultural competence and includes a 45-minute results debrief session.

360 assessments to provide leaders with equity and antiracism-focused feedback. Through this personalized process, we identify strengths and targeted areas for growth to guide you toward fostering a more equitable and inclusive work environment. Includes a one-hour results debrief session.

Start your path to equity, belonging, and antiracism.

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Meet Your Instructors

Estrella Dawson

Estrella is an executive coach who supports leaders in reaching their highest potential, creating conditions for equity, dismantling oppressive systems, and leading with love. She applies an emotional intelligence lens to open up new possibilities for change in people and systems.

Estrella has a BA and a MEd from UCLA. She holds an ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation and has received certification and training through the Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program, HeartMath, the Mindful Leaders Project, and the National Equity Project and has a certificate in Embodied Social Justice. She is the founder of Estrella Dawson Coaching and Consulting, offering 1:1 and group coaching, and facilitation on emotional intelligence, strategies for building resilience, and the inner work of equity and justice. Estrella is also the co-founder of Rooted ei, in collaboration with Gianna Cassetta, which offers coaching, facilitation, and assessments to support people and organizations in cultivating equity, belonging, and antiracism through emotional intelligence. Estrella is the co-author of: Uprooting Oppressive Values in Social Change Work through Emotional Intelligence in Nonprofit Quarterly’s winter 2023 issue.

Gianna Cassetta

Gianna is a certified Beyond EI (formerly Goleman EI) Emotional Intelligence Coach and an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach. She founded The Plain Red Horse Coaching and Consulting, where she supports education and nonprofit leaders to grow personally, challenge inequity, and foster community through emotional intelligence. She is also the co-founder of Rooted ei with Estrella Dawson, where they support people and organizations by cultivating equity, belonging, and antiracism through emotional intelligence.

Gianna has been a teacher, a school founder and leader, and a district-level leader. As someone who places the learner at the heart of her practice, she co-authored three books about the social and emotional development of young people and the adults who care for them: Classroom Management Matters: The Social and Emotional Learning Approach That Children Deserve, No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices, and The Caring Teacher: Strategies for Working Through Your Own Difficulties with Students. She is currently writing Equity Centered Social and Emotional Learning, expected in the summer of 2025.

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