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Emotional Intelligence can be applied in every area of life and work. We need EI tools every day, everywhere. Every area has its specific circumstances, challenges, and environment, so that while always building on the same base, the application of EI is always unique.  

Beyond EI is working with EI-certified experts in many different fields to offer EI courses that apply to many different areas. You can benefit from the experience and wisdom of the instructors relative to their area of expertise and be empowered to approach your unique challenges with an Emotional Intelligence Lens.  

Powered by Beyond EI courses include online self-paced and online live trainings. They all feature work from experts in various fields combined with our Beyond EI leading approach to Emotional Intelligence based on current neuroscience and BEI’s Learn, Apply, Reflect model. 

Inteligencia Emocional para RRHH
Integrando Estrategias y Personas. *

$650 USD

Fechas y horario del curso de febrero 2023: 

Martes 7 de febrero, jueves 9 de febrero, martes 14 de febrero, jueves 16 de febrero y martes 21 de febrero de 2023 de 3:00 pm a 5:00 pm CET

En Zoom

                                    Beneficios del programa

  • Fortalecer la visión estratégica del negocio con foco en las personas. 
  • Llevar a tu organización al siguiente nivel: implementar e innovar en nuevas formas de trabajo. 
  • Impulsar la diversidad y creatividad  en tu organización como fuente de empoderamiento y compromiso. 
  • Influenciar a la Dirección en toma de decisiones estratégicas. 
  • Y más! 

Inscripciones ya abiertas 

* This program is designed for a Spanish speaking audience and will not have translation. 

Our Approach

Our programs utilize frameworks of practice based on the neuroscience of perception and emotion to bring about meaningful shifts in behavior. To optimize the learning journey and help you create positive habit change, we incorporate three key components:


Practical explanations and examples of EI in the form of a short article or video.


An immediate application of what you just learned.


Daily reflection on the results of your practice, with the option to share your insights with your learning group and/or your coach.

Our programs draw upon empirical research in behavior change theory, positive psychology, neuroscience, and micro-techniques to train the brain. You practice what you learn while you’re learning about it, bridging the knowing-doing-being gap.


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