EI Coaching Theory & Practice
(ICF Fundamentals & Coaching for Emotional Intelligence)

Earn International Coaching Federation (ICF) Credits

Learn and Connect with a Global Network of Coaches 

Delve into the Latest Neuroscience of Perception & Emotion

This 6-week long program encompasses training in ICF’s core coaching competencies along with training and practices specific to Coaching for Emotional Intelligence.  

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Fundamentals Course

  • Online Course: Short, daily online training (approximately 15 min. each day) covering the eight core ICF competencies  
  • Weekly, interactive online workshops (90 min. in length) to apply the ICF concepts you’re learning about through role-play, breakout sessions, discussion, and group practice 
  • Six Live Sessions (90 min. in length)
  • 22 ICF credit hours 

Coaching for Emotional Intelligence Course

  • Weekly, interactive online workshops (90 min. in length) to learn and apply BEI’s Embodied coaching philosophy and core methodology 
  • Six Live Sessions (90 min. in length)
  • 9 ICF credit hours

This program is open to anyone. There are no prerequisites to attend. 

The two courses combined comprise Module 2 of our Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC). If you have graduated from the BEI Masterclass (Module 1 of the EICC Program), successful completion of EI Coaching Theory & Practice – ICF Fundamentals & Coaching for Emotional Intelligence (Module 2 of the EICC Program) will qualify you to progress to Module 3 of the EICC Program: the 5-day Remote Residency. To learn more about the complete EICC Program read here. 

EI Coaching Theory & Practice can be completed as a standalone course by those wanting to develop their coaching practice and earn ICF credit hours. You can further choose whether you would like to enroll in just the ICF Fundamentals (22 ICF credit hours) section or the Coaching for Emotional Intelligence (9 ICF credit hours) section or complete both sections together (31 ICF credit hours).   

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What Makes Our Approach Unique?

Embodied Emotional Intelligence (EI) 

Emotional intelligence can positively shape our relationships and our outcomes to the extent we embody its wisdom. When we embody our own EI, it’s a differentiator and game changer in every aspect of who we are and how we lead our lives.  

Many have been introduced to emotional intelligence exclusively through the lens of the four EI domains and twelve competencies, a behavioral model derived from the world of business, that serves as a roadmap for how leaders can become even better leaders.  

Our intent has always been to democratize EI and translate its wisdom into practices everyone can apply to become kinder, calmer, and wiser. To that end, we’ve drawn from many relevant disciplines, such as cognitive behavioral science, neuroscience, mindfulness, and leadership education to create a rich and transformational learning experience for our clients.  

In the years since we first designed and began offering EI programs, the neuroscience of emotion has evolved in ways that are changing how we approach the work we do, the details of which you can read more about in our CEO’s recently published book: Beyond Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Accessing Your Full Potential. 

Suffice it to say, BEI’s programs now reflect and capture a more dynamic and Embodied model of emotional intelligence to keep pace with the emerging science and how we can become more skillful with all of our perceptions—as well as our emotions. Hence, the inspiration for our company’s new name: Beyond EI. We each need to do more than simply learn about EI, we need to embody what it means to be emotionally intelligent. We need to BEI! 

After all, what good is a map if we never set foot on the journey or worse yet don’t know how to progress once we do?  

Coaching with the 12 Self-Discoveries

The 12 Self-Discoveries are unique to our EI coaching methodology we teach as part of our certification programs. They offer clues and insights into who we are and why we do what we do. They function as an internal barometer for our triggers, emotional patterns, and mental habits. Ultimately, they provide a clear path to uncover and work with our habits of mind and patterns of action and response, giving us the possibility to exercise our own agency at key moments in our lives. The 12 Self-Discoveries provide a framework and foundation from which you and your clients can begin to recognize unhelpful patterns and create new habits that are more helpful: 

  • Discover how your hidden thought patterns are influencing your life and your relationships with others 
  • Build Emotional Intelligence as you learn to recognize your reactions, perceptions, and value systems 
  • Use the highly regarded 12 Self-Discoveries model to identify your mental roadblocks and remove them with new habits of mind 
  • Learn proven methods for influencing your outcomes, de-cluttering your mind, and shifting your own awareness 

We take the position that a great coach provides the following to their clients: 

  • Brings a point of view, confirms hunches, and is okay being wrong 
  • Is direct and respectful, on the one hand, and kind, calm, and clear on the other 
  • Creates personal safety and is emotionally available 
  • Is fluid and adaptable and not overly prescribed or mechanical 
  • Has impeccable Embodied EI listening skills and models emotional maturity 
  • Is able to see relevant patterns and bring them to the client’s attention in a thoughtful, nonjudgmental manner. 

Time Commitment & Investment


Short, daily (approx. 15 min.) online training* covering the eight core ICF competencies:

  • Demonstrate Ethical Practice
  • Embody a Coaching Mindset
  • Establish and Maintains Agreements
  • Cultivate Trust and Safety
  • Maintain Presence
  • Listen Actively
  • Evoke Awareness
  • Facilitate Client Growth

* Only for those who are are enrolled in the ICF Fundamentals or the program bundle ICF Fundamentals & Coaching for Emotional Intelligence


International Coaching Federation (ICF) Fundamentals 

  • Six, 90-minutes online workshops  
  • Role play, practice, and discussion on ICF Competencies and Markers 

Coaching for Emotional Intelligence  

  • Six, 90-minutes online workshops 
  • Introduction to Beyond EI (BEI) Embodied Coaching Methodology  

EI Coaching Theory and Practice

Bundle Cost:  $3,250 

31 ICF Credit Hours 

ICF Fundamentals

Program Cost: $2,000 

22 ICF Credit Hours 

Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

Program Cost:  $1,500 

9 ICF Credit Hours 

Meet the Faculty

S. Michele Nevarez

After working 25+ years in business, Michele completed her Master of Science degree at Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management. Subsequently, she had the opportunity to work with Dr. Richard Davidson, his team at the Center for Healthy Minds, and the University of Wisconsin School of Business. Together with Daniel Goleman, Michele co-founded Goleman-EI and served as its CEO. Goleman EI has since rebranded to Beyond EI (BEI).  

Michele and her small team designed and launched the Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC) program along with the Foundational and Relationship Skills EI learning paths in 2018 with the aspiration to democratize the practice of EI. She has authored many articles and chapters of books on the topic of EI & Leadership and published her own book Beyond Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Accessing Your Full Potential in November of 2021. 

Beyond EI Faculty

Bao Nguyen

Bao is an experienced leadership & team coach with an extensive background in leadership, management, L&D, and business consulting. He has over 13 years of experience in business consulting and 9 years in leadership development training and coaching for MNCs’ leaders from the US, Europe, South Africa, India, Japan, SEA, and Vietnam. 

Bao is helping leaders to lead others from their authentic self, partnering with them to help their teams across development stages from forming to performing to become a high-value-creation team with and for all their stakeholders. He is certified as Professional Certified Coach with the ICF. 

Wendy Chin

Wendy is a driven HR professional with international blue-chip experience. She advises senior executives on their people and talent strategy; partners with clients to create organizational development programs to grow their teams; and identifies key senior talent who deliver. As an executive coach, Wendy’s style is empathetic yet challenging and solution oriented. Her approach enables clients to navigate change with confidence, build resilience, and use emotional intelligence to achieve rapid growth. Wendy is accredited by the ICF and EMCC and was the 1st in Ireland to complete her training and EICC accreditation by the Goleman EI team. 

Yanneke Josephus Jitta

Yanneke is a Certified Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach and BEI faculty member. From 2000 to 2015, she lived in Nepal where she studied Buddhism and set up a school and children’s home.  

She believes that the path of inner development requires self-awareness, kindness, and a clear mind.  

She holds a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies and is a certified chaplain. She manages the Tara’s Triple Excellence team who guide participants through the Buddhist path of wisdom and compassion.

Yanneke lives in The Netherlands with her two daughters and her cat Sam.