The Belief Mindset

The Belief Mindset

Our guest this month, Nick Dillon, has utilized the word “BELIEVE” to start several businesses both in Milwaukee and Dallas. His organizations are all about helping individuals get their beliefs in alignment with their purpose, helping leaders get better, and supporting individuals in recovery.

In this unscripted conversation with host, Tony Saccardi, Nick will talk about:

  • Self-awareness as it relates to our belief system

  • How to disrupt old thinking and biases so we can be better high-achieving professionals

  • The fact that whether you believe it or not….You are right.

Learn about the speakers

Tony Saccardi is an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Professional Co-Active Coach, and meditation teacher. His experience includes 25+ years in the corporate world, working as an IT consultant and technology director. His favorite hobbies are ocean diving, traveling and acting. 

Nick Dillon, known as The Believe Coach. Founder of Believe University (MCS, LLC) in Milwaukee, and CEO of Believe Wellness Center in Dallas. DILLON is a Coach, Leadership and Organizational Consultant, International Speaker, and Best Selling Author. MA in Education, MS in Counseling, and PhD work in Behavioral Psychology

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