Learning Agility

Learning Agility: Navigate a Changing World Through Continuous Learning and Growth

How do we learn? Is there a way to improve our ability to learn? What is a growth mindset and how can we develop that in ourselves?

Join our host Tony Saccardi and special guest HR executive Thom Kinney for a genuine, unscripted conversation exploring:

  • Brain-based strategies to accelerate learning
  • How to develop a growth mindset at any age (you can teach an old dog new tricks)
  • The science of how we learn to acquire new knowledge and skills faster and more easily

The conversation will be 30 minutes and the final 15 minutes will be reserved for Q&A.

Join our CEO, S. Michele Nevarez and Sarah Kivel, EICC Faculty Member, Meta-Coach, and founder of eiFocus for a 20 minute BEI Live conversation, where they will discuss how to. 

  • assess where you stand with yourself
  • see the best in yourself and others
  • work with what might be getting in the way of thriving

Learn about the speakers

Tony Saccardi is an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Professional Co-Active Coach, and meditation teacher. His experience includes 25+ years in the corporate world, working as an IT consultant and technology director. His favorite hobbies are ocean diving, traveling and acting. 

Thom Kinney is a self-identified lifelong learner. A certified emotional intelligence coach with a master’s degree in education, Thom has spent years studying the science of how we learn. Not only how we can learn faster, deeper, and more efficiently but also how to teach and transmit our knowledge more effectively. To put these principles to the test, he has spent much of his career teaching and coaching everything from computer skills to martial arts to leadership and emotional intelligence. Thom is currently the head of HR in a health care organization with over 800 employees, but even as his role broadened, he retains a passion for learning and development. 

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