Journey To Me

Journey To Me

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, but there is no switch to turn on the best version. It’s a journey that requires you to become a student of your own thoughts and actions. This conversation explores how to begin your journey and see it through.

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Tony Saccardi is an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Professional Co-Active Coach, and meditation teacher. His experience includes 25+ years in the corporate world, working as an IT consultant and technology director. His favorite hobbies are ocean diving, traveling and acting. 

With almost 25 years of experience teaching, leading, and coaching, Dr. Precious is known as a brilliant mind with natural synergism that produces results. She has coached teachers, principals, district and business leaders to award winning impact both virtually and in person.

Her work over the years has influenced thousands of leaders and learners across the nation. Whether she’s a keynote speaker, session facilitator, or leading a coaching session, Dr. Precious uses her experience, expertise, humor, and authenticity to move audiences toward action.

An EI certified coach and internationally recognized leader, Dr. Precious believes that people who match their actions with their beliefs have the ability to create an environment where everyone grows together.

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