The Emotionally Intelligent Body

The Emotionally Intelligent Body

Our guest this month, Yanneke Josephus Jitta, feels deeply inspired by the fact that by training our minds, we can align our actions with our desired results. As a Certified Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach and BEI Faculty Member, she enjoys guiding her coachees towards activating their own EI and welcomes anyone to join her on this EI journey.  

In this unscripted conversation with host, Tony Saccardi, Yanneke will talk about: 

  • A level of experience at the edge between the body and the mind that we can tune into and get to know. 
  • How feeling stuck in our lives manifests in our body and mind and can be directly accessed at that level of ‘felt sense’ at the edge between body and mind. 
  • Bringing practices into our coaching sessions in which we ask clients to tune in into their bodies and that can serve as a shortcut, a direct access to the wisdom of the body.

The conversation will be 30 minutes and the final 15 minutes will be reserved for Q&A. 

Learn about the speakers

Tony Saccardi is an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Professional Co-Active Coach, and meditation teacher. His experience includes 25+ years in the corporate world, working as an IT consultant and technology director. His favorite hobbies are ocean diving, traveling and acting. 

Yanneke Josephus Jitta is a Certified Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach and BEI Faculty Member. From 2000 to 2015, she lived in Nepal where she studied Buddhism and set up a school and children’s home. She holds a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies and is a certified chaplain. She manages the Tara’s Triple Excellence team who guide participants through the Buddhist path of wisdom and compassion. Yanneke lives in The Netherlands with her two daughters and her cat Sam.

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