EI Masterclass: Embodied Emotional Intelligence

The pandemic has created a unique set of circumstances inviting us each to examine how we’ve been living our lives. 

As we each attempt to strike a healthier balance between work and home, between our many responsibilities and cultivating our own mental and physical wellbeing,  

  • What’s filling your cup versus depleting you? 
  • Where in your own life can you have direct influence and meaningful impact on the things that matter to you most? 
  • How are your perceptions and emotions determining your outcomes?

We each want to lead meaningful lives. We want to make a difference in our own lives and those of our loved ones and fellow human beings. For that we not only need to access the internal resources we have available to us, we need to embody them.

What is Embodied Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

Embodied EI speaks to our ability to live or embody the practices of Emotional Intelligence. Not just study them. Not just practice them. But really live them, passionately and in earnest! 

As part of our third EI Masterclass  on Embodied EI, you’ll learn what it looks and feels like to live in an emotionally intelligent way. 

You’ll learn the best of what we understand about how perception and emotion work at a brain level and where you have influence in that process. 

What could be more important than knowing and being able to act on what we do and do not have influence over in our own lives?

Step Into Your Own Agency!

  • Learn how to discern and act upon where you have direct influence within yourself and in your own life. 


  • Practice implementing what you have influence over and letting go of what you don’t.​​ 

Engage Your Awareness!​

  • Familiarize yourself with your own awarenessTake back the reins of your own experience. 


  • Learn to recategorize and reframe the sense you’re making of your own and others’ meaning.​


  • Identify where you may be off kilter relative to your own physical and mental wellbeing. 


  • Develop practices to tune into what your body and your emotions are communicating to you in the present moment.

EI Masterclass: Embodied Emotional Intelligence Program

We rarely invest in ourselves, yet we have to be with ourselves all the time. 

What else might be possible when you make yourself a priority in your own life? 

Join the EI Masterclass and benefit from:


  • Six weeks of practice based, online EI training to build your Emotional Intelligence
  • Six, one-on-one Coaching Sessions (60 min. each week) with your personal EI Coach, who reviews and responds to your journal entries and reflections​ between sessions


Receive an EI Masterclass: Embodied Emotional Intelligence badge to add to your credentials and share on LinkedIn or other social media platforms upon completion of the program.

Enrollment Now Open 

Program Dates:  October 25 – December 5, 2022

Program Cost: $2,740, a value of $4,235 when purchased separately

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