Designing Relational Spaces

Designing Relational Spaces

In this unscripted conversation host, Michele Nevarez, Lorenz Sell and Natasha Sell will talk about: 
  • How to create an online experience that leaves people feeling connected and inspired;
  • How to invite people to deeper levels of authenticity and vulnerability;
  • How to create a safe space for people to become present with each other, and more.
The conversation is scheduled for 30 minutes and the final 15 minutes will be reserved for Q&A. 

Learn about the speakers

Gianna has been a classroom teacher, a school founder and leader, and a district-level leader. As someone who places the learner at the heart of her practice, she co-authored three books about the social and emotional development of young people and the adults who care for them: Classroom Management Matters: The Social and Emotional Learning Approach That Children Deserve, No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices, and The Caring Teacher: Strategies for Working Through Your Own Difficulties with Students.

Gianna is a certified Goleman EI Emotional Intelligence Coach, and an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach. She founded The Plain Red Horse Coaching and Consulting, where she supports parallel and equity-focused pathways to social and emotional development for children and adults.

Estrella is an executive coach who supports leaders in reaching their highest potential, creating conditions for equity, dismantling oppressive systems, and leading with love. She applies an emotional intelligence lens to open up new possibilities for change in people and systems.

Estrella has a BA and a MEd from UCLA. She holds an ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation and has received certification and training through the Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program, HeartMath, the Mindful Leaders Project, and the National Equity Project and has a certificate in Embodied Social Justice.

After working 25+ years in business, Michele completed her Master of Science degree at Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management, where she studied with David Cooperrider, Chris Lazlo, Melvin Smith, Ron Fry, and Richard Boyatzis. Subsequently, she had the opportunity to work with Dr. Richard Davidson, his team at Center for Healthy Minds, and the University of Wisconsin School of Business, and then with Daniel Goleman. Michele co-founded and led as the CEO of Goleman EI, which has since rebranded its name to Beyond Emotional Intelligence (BEI). She and her small team at the time designed and launched the Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC) program along with the Foundational and Relationship Skills EI learning paths in 2018 with the aspiration to democratize the practice of EI.

She has since authored many articles and chapters of books on the topic of EI & Leadership and most recently wrote Beyond Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Accessing Your Full Potential published by Wiley in November of 2021.

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