Conscious Emotional Intelligence

Conscious Emotional Intelligence

Keith is currently a partner at Noble Story Group and the Founder of The National Fellowship for Black and Latino Male Educators (NFBLME). Prior to his current roles, for sixteen years, Keith served communities as a teacher, assistant principal, and most recently as a founding school principal. Under Keith’s leadership, his school boasted some of the highest academic gains in the city.

In this unscripted conversation with host, Tony Saccardi, Keith will talk about: 

  • How to develop the prerequisite internal and interpersonal skills and mindsets to engage in equity centered dialogue across lines of identity, power, and privilege 
  • Building your awareness of and practice leading from your vision, values, and standards for equity-centered leadership 
  • Exploring leaders in a system by raising their self-awareness about contributing to the system’s bias and develop strategies to “do something different” to increase equity in that system 
  • We will explore how bias shows up in our leadership and develop INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP strategies to create SET-UP-TO-WIN conditions.

The conversation is scheduled for 30 minutes and the final 15 minutes will be reserved for Q&A. 

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Learn about the speakers

Tony Saccardi is an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Professional Co-Active Coach, and meditation teacher. His experience includes 25+ years in the corporate world, working as an IT consultant and technology director. His favorite hobbies are ocean diving, traveling and acting. 

Keith Brooks’ life’s purpose is helping people reach their full potential. In addition to his accomplishments as an instructional leader, Keith is inspired to create conditions for others to thrive. As Principal, Keith has coached and developed 16 leaders who have received promotions in their careers – 8 leaders and teachers have become Principals or Directors of School Operations, 5 have become Deans/Assistant Principals, and 3 leaders have become Directors at the network/district level. This work, which he refers to as his “heart work,” motivates him to get out of bed each day. As an executive coach, he’s now transferring that passion to others. 

Keith earned a B.A. in philosophy and religion at Colgate University and received a master’s degree in educational leadership at Nova Southeastern University. He holds an executive coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation and certification in emotional intelligence from both Daniel Goleman and Teleos’ coaching programs. 

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