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We hear about achieving your potential, but first, are you even accessing your potential?

Presenting the 12-SD:

You can be in either one of these situations:

  • Certain themes keep repeating themselves and playing out despite your best efforts to avoid them.
  • You don’t see yourself as a source of knowledge, wisdom, or compassion.
  • You try to control people, situations, and circumstances over which you have absolutely no control.
  • Your stories and beliefs keep you stuck and sabotage yourself, others, and your outcomes.
  • You tend to look for and/or focus upon the negative.
  • You are able to recognize and change destructive patterns on a whim 
  • You can consult yourself on your decisions and trust the wisdom that always resides within 
  • When you encounter difficult situations, you stop trying to change other people and instead look within because you know you are the source of your feelings 
  • Your beliefs and stories about yourself are empowering, yield desired outcomes and inspire others 
  • You reframe your perspective to one that is honest and benevolent 


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In order to thrive in any area of your life and become the best version of yourself, you need the tools that allow you to:

Discover what may be holding you back

The 12 Self-Discoveries provide unique clues and insights to find out exactly where you may not be performing at your best.

Uncover and work with your mental models

They give you the techniques to identify and help you shift the habits that are not serving you well.

Own Your Decisions

They allow you to tap into your agency and become a leader for yourself, your colleagues and your loved ones. 

Modern neuroscience has discovered that your emotions aren’t just responses, they are also perceptions

We are the source of all we perceive, everything we think, say, and do. There is no aspect of our experience that is not mediated by our own minds. We experience everything through that lens. We are the common denominator of our own experience. 

Oftentimes we don’t see ourselves as the source of our own wise or unwise decisions, and we haven’t necessarily practiced developing the capabilities that enable us to see where we are getting in our own way. 

Most of what we have the possibility to control relative to our perception happens at the stage of intentional interpretation and responses to our initial perceptions and interpretations of them. 

How we perceive what’s unfolding in the present moment, and the meaning we make of it has tremendous influence on the choices we make and therefore, our outcomes. 

This Self-Discovery can help counteract the intensity of what we may be feeling or thinking, serving as a gentle reminder just because we think something doesn’t make it true nor does it require we give it our continued focus or attention when it may be acting as a hinderance or saboteur. 

Our immediate experience is determined by whatever we focus on. 

Wherever we place and hold our attention colors our outlook and our reality in that moment. 

Our mental outlook is a direct reflection of what we pay attention to and how we react. 

We often look for evidence that supports our existing beliefs. 

These stories can create obstacles to our own and others’ success. 

We become blind to all data except the data we expect to see. 

Your brain is built with a greater sensitivity towards unpleasant news. 

Our attitudes are more heavily influenced by negative rather than positive data. 

We have to work to see the good and the positive in people and situations. 

Practice seeing the good in ourselves, in situations, and in others. 

We can’t control other people or circumstances— only our responses. 

Learning to look for and appreciate ourselves and others, is itself an act of generosity and kindness. 

Headtrash are the stories, the self-limiting beliefs, and the scripts that lurk backstage.  

This Self-Discovery can serve as both a remedy and reminder to let go of the self-limiting beliefs, narratives, and stories we have about ourselves—and others—that aren’t serving us or anyone else well. 

Mantras: Capture the essence of an insight or personal truth and serve as reminders. 

Metaphors: Communicate complex ideas in a streamlined manner. 

Maps: Awareness of our body and physical sensations is often our first clue to how we are feeling and processing our emotions. 

Happiness describes a temporary mental state—consisting of a unique constellation of sensory and mental impressions our brain has anticipated on our behalf relative to our context.  

Rather, our mental states becomes a choice in the moment of how we choose to appraise and assign meaning to the signals our bodies and brains curate for us. 

Based on the work of Michele Nevarez

Hi, I'm Michele

My 25+ years of experience in executive leadership has led me to design the 12 Self-Discoveries with the intention of encapsulating what leaders truly have influence over their lives, in the context of emotional intelligence. Fortunately, this influence within our own mind is a quality we can all discover and apply.  

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