Online Training

We Offer Practical, Self-Paced Courses Designed for Meaningful Habit Change

Learn what it means to Embody your own Emotional Intelligence, drawing on evidence-based practices that bridge the gap between intellectual understanding and the application of EI. You’ll learn the science behind your emotions and be given the opportunity each day to apply and reflect on EI practices and micro-techniques you’re being introduced to. 

The BEI online courses can be completed from anywhere in the world. Training is completed in a cohort-based format, whether you’re completing the training through your organization or as someone who has signed up for the course individually. We have found that when you’re able to read other people’s reflections and insights, it enriches your own learning journey. 

Once you’ve completed Parts 1 & 2 of your Embodied EI training, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement. 

Embodied Emotional Intelligence 1

Duration: 6 weeks


What You Will Gain

When we start with what we have influence over in ourselves, placing an emphasis on what we need to develop and truly embody what it means to be emotionally intelligent, we learn to access what allows us to be skillful and wise in each new circumstance. ​

This course offers a powerful combination of daily learning, practice, and reflection so you can be the best version of yourself. Are you up for the challenge?

                    Topics Covered

  • The Emerging Science of Perception & Emotion
  • Emotional Intelligence & Why It’s Important
  • How to Apply EI Practices in Your Daily Life
  • Develop Wellbeing as A Baseline
  • Perceptual Reframing & Conscious Sensemaking
  • Introduction to the 12 Self-Discoveries: A Cognitive Reframing Tool 

Embodied Emotional Intelligence 2*

Duration: 6 weeks


What You Will Gain

Discover how to bring out the best in yourself and others. Learn how to inspire and influence even in challenging situations. Experiment with practices that promote conducive group dynamics and facilitate trusting and collaborative relationships. You’ll be introduced to methods based on the latest insights from neuroscience that allow you to embody what it means to be emotionally intelligent.

                        Topics Covered

  • Infuse Awareness & Compassion in Your Interactions​
  • The Heart of Listening & Communication
  • Reframe Your Perspective to Consider Others’ Experience
  • Manage Conflict Using Your EI Toolkit 
  • Leverage the 12 Self-Discoveries to Inspire & Lead 
  • Develop Emotionally Intelligent Habits

Embodied Emotional Intelligence Full-Course

Duration: 12 weeks


What You Will Gain

Earn an online, verifiable Emotional Intelligence Training Achievement Badge by completing both the Build Your Emotional Intelligence and Lead with Emotional Intelligence courses.




Topics Covered

All 12 Topics




* Embodied Emotional Intelligence 1 should be completed before starting the Embodied Emotional Intelligence 2 course. Once both courses are completed, you are eligible for an online, verifiable Embodied Emotional Intelligence Training achievement badge.

Note: BEI online courses are in English.

Our Approach

Our programs utilize frameworks of practice based on the neuroscience of perception and emotion to bring about meaningful shifts in behavior. To optimize the learning journey and help you create positive habit change, we incorporate three key components:


Practical explanations and examples of EI in the form of a short article or video.


An immediate application of what you just learned.


Daily reflection on the results of your practice, with the option to share your insights with your learning group and/or your coach.

Our programs draw upon empirical research in behavior change theory, positive psychology, neuroscience, and micro-techniques to train the brain. You practice what you learn while you’re learning about it, bridging the knowing-doing-being gap.

Explore your true potential, and BEYOND!

Learn how to listen to your Inner Coach and place trust in your own wise counsel. Experience first-hand what it looks and feels like to embody your own capacity to be emotionally intelligent!